Our protective technology has achieved a good reputation in the industry, in particular, alkaline non-cyanide zinc, acid zinc, zinc nickel plating, zinc iron plating, passivation and top coats etc, all of which have been tested in various forms and have received praise from customers. Our latest alkaline technology, ZECCOAT and LAFRE are achieved operationally without water and their neutral salts have attained 1000-2000 hours, which processes have been widely used in automotive fasteners, construction industry and other industries.

  • DETRONZIN?Acidic zinc-nickel alloy plating

  • PRO-COAT?Organic & Inorganic top coat

  • TRIROS?Trivalent chromium passivation

  • DETRONZIN?Alkaline Zinc Iron alloy plating

  • DETRONZIN?Alkaline zinc-nickel alloy plating

  • DETRONZIN?Non-cyanide alkaline zinc plating

  • ZECCOAT? Chrome Free High Corrosion Process

  • LAFRE?“Extremely thin film”דSuperior Anti-Corrosion”