Ultra Union has a series of perfect decorative electroplating products that offer perfect finish and decorative effects whether your base substrates are metal or plastic. In addition, we have achieved outstanding performance in sulfate trivalent chromium, copper plating, multi-layer nickel plating, pearl nickel, chrome substitute, gun black, blacking & antique for process brass, precious metals plating, all of which have been widely applied in the fields of automotive, construction industry, electronics telecommunication & components, metal hardware, decorative accessories, sanitary fittings, jewelry, furniture and other aspects. Select Ultra Union to achieve more economical and perfect decorative goal.

  • White bronze plating

  • Pearl nickel plating

  • Black nickel plating

  • TRICH?Sulfate trivalent chromium plating (white/black chromium)

  • Nickel-free gun-black plating

  • Gun-black nickel plating process

  • Chromium alternative process

  • Antique imitation plating and blackening

  • Multi - Layer Nickel

  • Chrome

  • Nickel

  • Copper

  • Precious Metals Plating