Innovative Anti-Corrosion Process for Fasteners 

       ZECCOAT® is a patented technology from HSK Japan.It is a completely chromium free anti-corrosion process. It promotes ability of anti-corrosion from parts and is applicable for zinc die cast; electroplated zinc alloys; hot dip galvanized zinc; zinc phosphating; Zinc flakes processes etc...

       ZECCOAT® furthermore it is also applicable for electronic & electricity components; screw & nuts for automotive; fasteners for construction & household furniture.

  • Chromium free, Complianced with RoHS, WEEE & ELV requirements
  • Salt Spray Test Reach 1000 - 2000 hours
  • Extremely thin film, less than 1 micron
  • Apply to all kinds of fasteners
  • Self-healing properties
  • It can substitute traditional sealing & top-coat process