LAFRE® was developed as a surface treatment having unique features to meet a variety of customers' needs.Aiming at combining extremely thin film and superior anti-corrosion, LAFRE®achieved an outstanding anti-corrosion performance by combining three types of metal flakes, as well as uniform coating. It allows bolts and nuts to fit smoothly without over-tapping, which enables total cost reduction.

       Our coating technology, which does not contain any heavy materials in consideration of the global environmental protection first, clears the most severe requirements in every industry including the EU directives. It thoroughly minimizes any environmental impact in the coating process, by achieving a coating method without discharging any wastewater.

  • Superior Anti-Corrosion, Salt Spray Test Reach 2,000 hours or More
  • Compliance with RoHS、EU Directives
  • Extremely thin film, Less than 5 micron
  • Combined Cycle Corrosion Test Reach 200 Cycles or More
  • Free from Hydrogen Embrittlement, Pickling and electrolytic processes are not necessary