Perfect upgrading with excellent performance

      Ultra Union has developed a TRICH®sulfate trivalent chromium process and made a breakthrough in the progress of improving deposition speed of trivalent chrome. Compared with similar products it has the advantage of lower cost, thus dramatically improving productivity and shortening deposition times.
        The chrome layer has good hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and decorative characteristics, and it has been widely employed in automobiles, household appliances, toys, decorations, electronics, telecommunications and other industries.


  • The plating solution is stable with good handling, and the operation for cylinder opening is simplewhile producing a coating color close to hexavalent chrome plating
  • Good coating performance, high temperature resistance and high density which is not easy to produce in a mold
  • Fast deposition rate that reaches 0.077μm/min
  • The chrome layer reaches 0.5 μm and covering power of the plating solution is excellent
  • It does not produce harmful gases which is safer for operators