DETRONZIN® 1377 is a high efficiency acid zinc-nickel alloy plating process, to give 11-16% nickel in the deposit. High current efficiency up to 90-95%. Used single rectifier. This process meets the new automotive specifications. It’s economical, simple and easy to run for both rack and barrel operation.
  • Chloride based Zinc-Nickel Alloy plating process to give 11-16% Nickel deposit
  • High current efficiency up to 90-95%, good throwing power and economic for use
  • Using weak nickel complexes at low concentrations to avoid problems in the waste treatment
  • Even in room temperature solution still keep clear, solution not require to keep warm during shut downs
  • Works in wide temperature range, lower expenses in filtration
  • Minimize of decomposition from the plating  therefore less maintenance is required
  • Additives have high cloud points and very stable
  • Usage of additive are lesser, process becomes simpler and more economical
  • Used single rectifier, easy to maintain