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Jan 24th

Everything you should know About R Reckless Driving vs DUI

We have seen the results of reckless driving on daily basis. However, people are yet to engage in the best and professional driving life no matter the dangers that come with reckless driving or driving under influence. Negligence driving, DUI or aggressive driving are all under reckless driving. Apart from you becoming a victim of dangerous driving maybe by going to prison, you might cause fatalities.
It is important for everybody to know about Reckless Driving vs DUI policies. If you want to know what is referred to as reckless driving, the punishments that accompany reckless driving and what to do if you are a victim of someone’s recklessness, you should consider checking the reckless driving vs DUI laws. According to the reckless driving vs DUI, driving under influence (DUI) involves driving a car while you are under influence of intoxicants such as alcohol.

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If you are found driving under influence, your crime charges might be less compared to those who DUI and find themselves driving recklessly. The reckless driving vs DUI law identifies bad traffic etiquette as reckless driving. Poor driving etiquette such as tailgating is a hazardous driving practice that can attract severe punishment.

If you have ever ignored any road sign, you lack driving etiquette and therefore you are a reckless driver. Drivers who weave in and out of traffic are also examples of reckless drivers and are punishable under the reckless driving vs DUI. If you are used to over speeding, you are a reckless driver. Over speeding is one of the major causes of fatal accidents that claim lives all over the world. If you are found of changing lanes without signaling, you are driving recklessly and thus can be punished for that.
Drowsy driving is another form of driving recklessly and should be avoided as it can also cause accidents. Distracted driving, which can include use of mobile phone while driving should be avoided as it also constitutes carelessness on the road. If you should be on your phone most time, go for the cars with modern technology that will allow you pick calls without distractions.

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We all should be advocates for good driving etiquette and work towards minimizing or getting rid of reckless driving. You can do this by reporting reckless drivers or if you are a victim, hire a lawyer who will pursue charges against the reckless driver. If you follow the driving laws and encourage others to do so, we will have no incidences of reckless driving.
You can start or perfect your good driving etiquette by finding content on the same which constitute reading and understanding the driving laws.
You can still make the best out of your car by following the stipulated laws which are meant to protect you and other road users.

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